Bespoke labels & stickers for bakeries

Bakery labels for every loaf of bread and more

When it comes to bakeries, every loaf of bread, pastry and dessert needs a label before it goes out the door. After all, you want the world to see your logo and know that your bakery was the one behind that beautiful scone or perfect loaf of bread.

Whether you need branded stickers for generic to-go boxes or more detailed labels that contain nutritional information, price, a QR code and allergen warnings, we have you covered with a customised solution.

What do bakeries use bespoke labels & stickers for?

•  Spicing up unbranded bread bags with eye catching logos and branding motifs
•  Peppering generic to-go boxes with branded colours and logos
•  Sealing wrapped items
•  Boosting allergen awareness
•  Securing packages and containers with style

Create custom labels & stickers for your bakery within minutes
Why work with us?
We make it simple

Creating bespoke print should be quick and easy, so that’s how we designed the process. Build, modify and order within minutes.

We create quality

With us, ‘easy’ doesn’t come at the cost of quality. Every label goes through a quality control process to ensure it meets the highest standards.

We know foodservice

Being our customer means working with a company that has decades of experience with foodservice labelling and printing.